Mobility as a Service

In the midst of digital transformation, enterprise mobility is becoming more and more popular. The benefits and success of utilising mobile devices for your business activity are endless, however managing these devices can be costly, in both time and money.

Mobility as a service (MaaS) or Enterprise Mobility as a service (EMaaS), can reduce IT Costs and Employee Downtime.

What is mobility as a service?

Mobility as a service is a cloud based or software-based solution that will allow your company to easily manage your entire mobile enterprise.

Benefits of MaaS:

  • Quick and easy deployment and implementation.
  • Eliminates a fixed infrastructure enabling growth
  • Suitable for rugged and consumer devices.
  • Reduces cost and enables the mobile functionality to be extended.

Key features of VisionID’s MaaS or mobile managed services is the ability to deploy, manage and secure all enterprise mobile devices from one place, remotely. Offering one centralised point for device management for an entire fleet, including the management of apps, whilst offering real time reports and analytics on the performance of the business.

VisionID’s MaaS  also can secure all data and information on these mobile devices from network threats or phishing attacks. Ensuring complete compliance with data regulations ie GDRP.

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