Efficient Workflows and Processes with EMM

Enterprise mobility solutions are becoming a strategic priority for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to further their growth and enhance their business processes. Enterprise Mobility can eliminate some of the problems or delays in business processes, enabling digital transformation.

With all of this in mind Enterprise Mobility is now a business-critical aid, that is driving digital transformation and in turn increasing workflows and processes efficiency for businesses across the globe.

One such change occurring due to digital transformation and enterprise mobility, is the removal of paper processes. Manual entry of data, or paper traced data can often result in the loss of data, or incorrect data collection. Removing paper processes, and replacing them with mobile devices ensures data gathered is correct, but can also increase efficiency by 8%.

Another change occurring due to digital transformation is the need for connectivity, anywhere and at any time. Enterprise Mobility enables employees to connect with each other and participate in business operations even if they are not sitting at their desk.  VisionID’s Enterprise Mobile Managed service, can offer you a full view of your mobile enterprise in real time, from anywhere. Allowing remote access to business operations, and processes can ensure that the business is running efficiently.

VisionID can also offer next day device replacement, so that your business does not suffer due to lost or broken devices.

To learn more about how VisionID’s Enterprise Mobile Managed Service can enable your workforce achieve efficient workflows and processes, contact info@visionid.ie.

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