Device Traceability

Lost or Stolen devices are one of the greatest risks to companies when it comes to cyber-attacks. A recent report by trend micro found that more than 41% of all data breaches were the result of lost or stolen mobile devices.

Knowing exactly where all of your enterprise mobile devices are at all time will reduce this risk to your business significantly.

Tracking your enterprise mobile devices can:

  • Reduce cost.
  • Increase security.
  • Increase productivity.

VisionID’s Enterprise Mobile Managed Service can off you a full view of your entire mobile fleet. This can enable you to pinpoint and track your devices in real-time and review their activity. Using a location setting on your device will enable you to find lost devices, or control what information or services your devices can access depending on location through Geo Fencing.

Geofences are virtual, geographic boundaries that you can apply to your devices. When a device enters or exits an area covered by a geofence, you will be notified. Geofences allow you to track and regulate device movements easily and automatically. Geofences can be as large or small as is necessary and can be easily manipulated to cover any space. Geofences can be configured that if the device leaves the predefined area, it will be wiped automatically, reducing the risk of data breach.

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