Customer Technology Centre

The VisionID Customer Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art facility where customers get the opportunity to demo the latest in mobile computing and data capture.

The Customer Technology Centre offers new and existing customers an engaging experience with VisionID’s best in class solutions.

While at the Customer Technology Centre, customers can see a zero-touch demonstration. This demo highlights how the VisionID’s EMM team can configure hundreds of your enterprise mobile devices, freeing up time for your IT staff, while also reducing costs.

Our Enterprise Mobile Managed Service team will also show you how they can provide a full view of your entire mobile fleet and enable you to pinpoint and track your devices in real-time and review their activity. By demonstrating a location setting, our team will show you how our EMM Solutions can help to find lost devices, or control what information or services your devices can access depending on location through Geo Fencing.

Other demonstrations include how to lock down your device, and how to remotely control field devices.

Sometimes seeing is believing, so get in touch today at to arrange your visit to the Customer Technology Centre. Or register your interest online.

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